25,031 {BE}
25,050 {BBY}
23,027 {CRC}
The Old Republic

4981 {BE}
5000 {BBY}
2977 {CRC}
The Sith Empire

1000 {BE}
1019 {BBY}
6958 {CRC}
Fall of the Sith Empire, Formation of the Galactic Republic

877 {BE}
896 {BBY}
7081 {CRC}
Birth of Yoda

181 {BE}
200 {BBY}
7777 {CRC}
Birth of Chewbacca

27 {BE}
46 {BBY}
7931 {CRC}
Birth of Padme Naberrie (Queen Amidala of Naboo)

23 {BE}
42 {BBY}
7935 {CRC}
Artificial manipulation of midichlorians by Darth Plagueis (and Leia Solo) [VE], leading to the Birth of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One of Jedi Prophecy.

13 {BE}
32 {BBY}
7945 {CRC}
Boonta Eve Classic Race, Senator Palpatine succeeds to Chancellorship [Episode I The Phantom Menace]

10 {BE}
29 {BBY}
7931 {CRC}
Birth of Han Solo on Corellia

3 {BE}
22 {BBY}
7955 CRC
The Clone Wars begin, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Naberrie marry in secret [Episode II Attack of the Clones]

2 {BE}
21 {BBY}
7956 {CRC}
Alana Seren is born [VE]

0 Empire {E}
19 {BBY}
7958 {CRC}
Order 66 and the near-total extinction of the Jedi Order, Anakin Skywalker inflicts the Curse by massacring the Jedi Younglings [VE], the New Galactic Empire formed, Death of Padme Naberrie, Birth of Luke & Leia Skywalker, Creation of Darth Vader [Episode III Revenge Of The Sith]

9 {E}
10 {BBY}
7967 {CRC}
Han Solo completes the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs piloting the Millennium Falcon

19 {E}
0 {BY}
7977 {CRC}
First Death Star, Death of Obi-Wan Kenobi [Episode IV A New Hope]

22 {E}
3 {ABY}
7980 {CRC}
Luke Skywalker meets and trains under Jedi Master Yoda [Episode V The Empire Strikes Back]

23 {E}
4 {ABY}
7981 {CRC}
Second Death Star, Death of Yoda, Death of Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious), Death of Darth Vader [Episode VI Return Of The Jedi] ; Marriage of Han Solo and Leia Skywalker ; Grand Vizier Mas Amedda assumes title of Second Emperor, with deputy Sly Moore [VE]

24 {E}
1 {AE}
5 {ABY}
7982 {CRC}
Emperor Amedda trials galactic pacification with aura drug ; King Oxus and Princess Alana of Ondos, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca are held hostage by Imperial Commander Kane, later rescued by Luke and Leia and Han ; Commander Kane executed by Darth Monstross ; Second Emperor Mas Amedda (Darth Monstross) and Sly Moore (Darth Kayos) flee Coruscant [VE Episode VII Plague of Doom]

27 {E}
4 {AE}
8 {ABY}
7985 {CRC}
The Legion of Lettow is formed ; Leia and Darth Kayos duel, Leia suffers kyber crystals embedding within her, and divines black & white kyber crystals ; the Battle of Kamino, death of Lando Calrissian, the Bogan are revealed, and the last Imperial Academy is destroyed ; the Bogan are unleashed (controlled by the Sith Legion) ; Sieg Lettow is killed [VE Episode VIII The Darkness Within]

30 {E}
7 {AE}
11 {ABY}
7988 {CRC}
Han Solo is killed and revived by Leia ; Chewbacca discovers Han Solo's parents on Kashyyyk ; End of the Bogan War, Death of Darth Monstross by Luke and Alana, Death of Darth Kayos by Leia Solo, and the Sith Legion is exterminated ; Leia Solo ventures into the Netherworld and reconciles Anakin and Padme Skywalker, she ends the Curse of the Younglings, and she defeats the ghosts of Darth Sidious and Darth Plagueis [VE Episode IX Duel of the Fates]

31 {E}
8 {AE}
12 {ABY}
7989 {CRC}
The Galactic Pan-Alliance is formed, the Imperial Remnant led by Governor Tagge is formed [VE]

32 {E}
9 {AE}
13 {ABY}
7990 {CRC}
Birth of Gana and Corsa Solo [VE]

37 {E}
14 {AE}
18 {ABY}
7995 {CRC}
Birth of Benji Skywalker [VE]

39 {E}
18 {AE}
20 {ABY}
7997 {CRC}
Discovery and destruction by the Jedi of the Troig Pirate Gang [VE Episode X The Riddle of the Pirates]