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The Prophecy
And in time of greatest despair, there shall come a savior, and he shall be known as : THE SON OF THE SUN.
And he shall bring Balance to the Force.
"Journal of the Whills, 3:12"
Welcome to
Nathaniel Reed's
:: An ongoing episodic story of fan-fic set after Episode VI Return of the Jedi, and inspired by George Lucas' historical draft concepts ::
Following the Ahsoka show.....
30th September 2023
Episodes four through to seven of AHSOKA have all aired in September, and overall they have been fun and very enjoyable ! We have been introduced to the Purrgil, to Thrawn, and to Ezra Bridger, and even to Anakin Skywalker and See Threepio ! We have jumped a galaxy to Peridea, and an intriguing concept relating to the Cosmic Energy has been laid before us, as well as a live-action transition of the World-between-Worlds first seen in the REBELS series.

Following on from the slightly frustrating episode three, episode four sent us to Seatos where the heroes had landed in their damaged ship, while General Hera Syndulla was trying to raise support for a rescue / seek mission to support Ahsoka. On not receiving that support, Syndulla opts to journey to Seatos gerself, with a handful of X-Wings in support. On Seatos, Ahsoka and Sabine run into the Dark Side mercenaries, ex-Jedi Baylan Skoll and his apprentice Hati Shin. Sabine is captured, Ahsoka is knocked off the cliff-top into the ocean and left for dead, and Syndulla's team arrive moments too late to prevent the Dathmiri Witch and Thrawn supporter Morgan Elsbeth from jumping to Peridea on the massive hyperspace-ring that had been secretly constructed.

Episode five was, in one sense, a 'quieter' and more reflective instalment... in so far as Ahsoka inexplicably wakes in the 'World-between-Worlds', the celestial world of paths first introduced in the REBELS show. Here she is met by her old master, Anakin Skywalker, who seems to engage her in a "final lesson", though admittedly, for me, the moral and the outcome were not overtly clear. A brief but ferocious lightsabre duel sent them back in time to the early Clone Wars (with a younger Ahsoka keeping up with Anakin) and then to the later Clone Wars (with a slightly older Ahsoka). The contemporary Ahsoka, having presumably learned her lesson, is then divined by Syndulla's Force-adept son, Jacen, and is rescued from the sea. Realising that there is no mechanical way to jump to Peridea in the neighbouring galaxy, Ahsoka intuits that the apparently-indigenous Purrgil can ferry them. Leaving Hera to return to the New Republic, Ahsoka Force-requests the transportation on one of the bigger sta-whales, and her ship shuffles into the creature's mouth, before organically jumping to hyperspace.

Episode six opens with the villains reaching Peridea, with a captive Sabine Wren on board. They are met by three Dathomiri Nightsister Great Mothers, and it is revealed that their race originally hailed from Peridea, and even learned how to "ride the space whales". Imperial Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyer arrives soon after, and thr blue-skinned Chiss admiral discusses strategy with Elsbeth. Sabine is allowed to go free with Imperial intelligence on Ezra Bridger's last known location, but troopers and the Dark Side mercenaries follow her. Intriguingly, Baylon Skoll reveals to his apprentice that he has no desire to join this cyclical rise and fall of power, but instead seeks a new beginning, possibly on Peridea. Meanwhile, Sabine is finally reuinted with Ezra, who is living with an alien nomadic community, called the Noti.

Episode seven introduces us to a New Republic court room, hosted by Chancellor Mon Mothma, and flanked by several senators, with Hera Syndulla facing questioning about her seemingly unauthorised mission to Seatos. The golden protocol droids, See Threepio, arrives on behalf of Senator Leia Organa, who is now Director of the Defence Council, to confirm (all be it retrospectively) that Leia had in fact authorised Hera's mission. This concludes the court session, and Hera is free to go. Meanwhile, the star-whales carrying Ahsoka in her starship arrive at Peridea, but stumble into an Imperial minefield. As the whales flee, Ahsoka evades the mines, and settles in a hiding spot. Ahsoka briefly uses the Force to divine Sabine and her location, and as Imperial turbolasers rain down on her ship, she flies away to intercept Sabine. On Peridea, Sabine and Ezra and the alien Noti are ambushed by mercenary bandits. As they hold their own, Shin Hati also attacks them supported by stormtroopers, while Ahsoka briefly engages Bayon Skoll ; evading Skoll, Ahsoka joins the others and they triumph against the enemy ; intriguingly, Baylon does not rejoin with Hati and the Imperials, instead he seems to take the opportunity to now follow his own agenda.

....And episode eight is the final installment, clearly awaiting the return of Thrawn and his forces to the SW Galaxy !

Overall, my impression of the Ahsoka series has been favourable. It's certainly been exciting, with some great world-building, and further exploration of lore, but there has been at least one episode that would almost be labelled a 'filler' episode, akin to too many of the Mandalorian and Boba Fett episodes ; these are frustrating to say the least when one apparently has a limited episode count and runtime, and one wants to make use of the airtime as efficiently as possible. There have been moments, too, where the blocking or the editing have been poor and confusing, or the dialogue unnecessary, or where the story and its pace either need to pause and 'breathe', or we need to have further elaboration to clarify.

Genevieve O'Reilly who once again plays Mon Mothma should have, I feel, been aged to more closely match Caroline Blakiston of ROTJ ; she is too much time-linked to the ANDOR series. The character of Sabine initially seemed the more interesting character with a clear arc, but as the episodes progressed she seemed to have lost her impetus. Ahsoka seemed a guarded stoic figure, with a serious demeanor supported by crossed arms ; yet the scene showing her in the World-between-Worlds, which was truly magical, for me fell flat because the purpose (lesson) of the location was not crystal clear - I do accept the importance (and advantage) of keeping something deliberately vague and mystical, but I think here this 'mid-point' needed to easily understood. Anakin seemed to be acknowledging that her had taught her to be a warrior, but now she needed to let go and be someone different.... which might have wored if we had met Ahsoka as a depressed and morose recluse.... yet the series had opened with her pro-actively seekiing out clues to Thrawn's weherabouts. In other words, I did not see enough of an arc of a transformation for her. I've been enjoying the 'star-map' end credits animation, as well as the title music by Kevin Kiner.

Having had a convenient, though greatly appreciated, cameo from Threepio in lieu of seeing Leia again, I'm finding I'm crying out to see a young Leia, and Luke again.

I also fear that this story has taken seven of the eight episodes to tell.... so clearly the crux of the story is simply to locate Thrawn, and see him return to the SW Galaxy presenting a new threat. Any further story will come in a second Ahsoka series, or the recently announced 'Mandoverse' movie that will culminate the recent Disney shows. But since our first impression on hearing of this show was that it was to have been a 'one-hit' stand-alone show, it's been odd that the pacing has almost been 'leisurely'.
As I did with the progression of the Virtual Edition Episode X, I will post below sections of the prose for Episode XI as I draft it....

Meanwhile, a little further away on the ecumenopolis that was Coruscant, Benji Skywalker opened his eyes. He was sat cross-legged on a mat, meditating in his Padawan cell in the domestic quarters of the Primary Jedi Temple. The boy was about nine standard years old, slim in build, his sandy-coloured hair a messy halo about his head. He recognised that the Force had nudged him alert with the image of his cousins, Gana and Corsa Solo, in his mind’s eye. The teenaged Twins were currently also residing in the building, having been learning more advanced classes in politics and economics for this academic term. But Benji sensed that a spark of adventure was fuelling them in this twilight hour now, and, although he felt a little concern for his friends, he was not immune to sharing the excitement of the intrigue !

He smoothly rose to his feet, and reached out for his tan-coloured overcloak. The Force whispered to him that the two mischief makers were heading for the roof of the Temple, and he resolved to intercept them.

Benji slipped out of his domicile and into the corridor. The soft curves and hues of the Jedi Temple interior always soothed his mind, and were no exception this time. He moved quickly to an elevator, and stepped inside.

On one of the roofs of the Temple skyline, but below the five towers, the Solo twins crept out of a maintenance access door and hurried over to a small cleaning skiff-bot parked to one side.

Unbeknownst to them, Leia materialised a little distance away, arms folded, and a wry smile on her face. She had observed their rebellious fun before, so wasn’t too concerned to intervene – after all, she recognised they needed to explore and learn for themselves – but she was still keen to supervise them. Gana quickly crouched down beside the droid and flicked open its programming cover. He tapped a series of numbers into the code pad, then sat back on his haunches with a puzzled look on his face.

“The code’s changed ?!” he said in frustration to his sister.

Corsa rolled her eyes.

“Does that mean someone’s on to us ?” she wondered aloud.

“Not necessarily,” answered her brother, ever the optimistic. “It could just be a seasonal expiry...”

He shuffled around to make himself more comfortable, and then glanced over the outer casing. His fingers worked away at part of the shell, pulling it away and revealing the droid’s wiring.

“But I can see if I can hot-wire this thing...”

Leia rubbed her chin in ironic humour and not a little admiration : her husband’s legacy shone through in their son ! Again she mused over the benefit of intervening, but restrained herself from doing so a little longer.

The maintenance hatch that the Twins had used opened once more, and a cloaked figure emerged. This did not go unnoticed by Leia, but then she saw her daughter glance up in the direction of the newcomer.

“Benji ?” Corsa called out. “Is that you ?”

Benji Skywalker pulled down his hood as he made his way towards his friends. The boy nodded.

“Hi guys... what are you doing up here ?”

Leia interrogated the Force for a sense of their immediate future, and perceived no danger. She calmed a little, and continued watching her teenage children and her young nephew.

Corsa had glanced at Gana, who met her eyes, and then shrugged and nodded.

His sister turned back to Benji.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone ?”

Benji gave a lopsided grin.

“Hey, it’s me, Corssy.”

She and her brother valued his friendship and loyalty. Corsa took a breath. “Okay, we’re heading over to some hot races down in the lower mid streets.”

She pointed away into the distance at the next monolithic structure forming the nearest skyline. “Over there. Pared down hotrod speeders and bikes, running a makeshift course. We watch from the sidelines.”

“But our ride over isn’t playin’ ball tonight,” moaned Gana, his attention still focused on the droid’s wiring.

“You were gonna ride that skiff ?” Benji asked. He nodded his chin to the next set of rooftops that Corsa had indicated, some distance away.

“Something like that,” mumbled Gana.

Benji looked again at the distance involved. Apart from one or two skylanes that flickered with traffic above, the actual stretch wasn’t too busy.

“Why don’t you fly across ?”

“Fly ??” answered Corsa incredulously.

“You know, levitate, and then propel across...”

“Sure, we can levitate, Benji... but not across that distance !”

Gana glanced up from the droid’s inner workings, and studied the distance to the destination.

“I’d be game to give it a go, but it’s quite a way, Benj...”

“Come on, you two !” Benji was insistent. “Don’t look with your eyes. Distance is nothing to the Force.” He was sounding like his father. “Focus and control. Will the building to you, and you to the building, and the two will meet.”

Leia, remaining to the side and silently observing, was impressed with the nine year old.

Benji slowly rose into the air, and then cupped his hands either side of him in a wide gentle sweep. The boy moved smoothly through the air. He softly twisted one hand as he did so, and he turned at an angle to drift past his cousins. He then lightly pushed back with both hands, and his body easily and effortlessly moved faster.

Gana jumped to his feet, eyes alight with renewed energy. Corsa, too, was caught up in the moment.

Benji, still floating mid-air, stretched out his hand towards an antennae pole, and drifted towards it.

Corsa nodded, comprehension dawning. “The Force is in everything...”

“And connects everything,” added her brother, beginning to levitate as well. “Of course !”

Sharing his thought, Corsa continued : “It’s only over there, after all !” And she too rose into the air.

Benji had the sense that this moment would soon be gone.

“Let me come with you, guys ! Please !”

Gana and Corsa exchanged looks and traded a decision.

“Sure, why not ?” Gana said.

“I think we’ll need you, anyway !” grinned Corsa.

Benji joined the other two, all three of them floating above the Temple’s rooftop. They turned and faced the building that Corsa had pointed to earlier. As one, they swept their hands behind them and they propelled themselves away.

The three children soared out over the vast expanse as the sloped sides of the stepped Temple fell away.

Leia was the only witness. She smiled and nodded in admiration, and then faded from view.

Nathaniel Reed, 30th September 2023
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